Partner with the best approach to innovative resource development. 

Opus Operating II is a small and nimble organization that believes in using our insight and relationships to identify and retain best-in-class partnerships that aide in growing our asset base.  Our size, funding and operating capability allows us to provide more attractive monetization values for all of our partners, including:

1) Independent land men or geologists looking to sell prospects or leasehold

2) Landowners interested in leasing their mineral rights 

3) Non-Operated working interest owners 

4) Operators looking to sell or farm-out all or a portion of their leasehold

5) Service companies interested in becoming working interest partners 

Opus is committed to maximizing returns on every new project and is always looking for new ways to deliver successful results. For us, innovation is the key to driving value creation, which would not be possible without a wealth of great relationships throughout the industry.

We are actively seeking new play ideas and proposals from industry participants. Click here to contact us.

Current and Former Industry Partners